Monday, April 23, 2012


FINALLY. The registrar called my mom the other day and I've been accepted to do A-levels in Kolej Tuanku Jaafar (boarding school in Mantin). It's rather posh so I wonder if I'd fit in. The environment would definitely be different than what I'm used to in SMK St. Teresa. Most of my Teresian friends are going to colleges like Taylor's or HELP to do A-levels - if you're Malaysian, you'd know that these colleges (people would usually name Taylor's college lah) are notorious for their nightlife/people partying too much. But I guess that's what a normal college life entails - a tantalizing temptation to just drop your studies and just party the night away.

Fortunately(or unfortunately, depending on your perspective), there'll be no such temptation in KTJ. As it's modeled on British boarding school, the rules are pretty tight. There's a uniform, a curfew and a strict set of rules. But if I'm being really really honest with myself, I think the environment in KTJ would suit me better than the environment in colleges like Taylor's. I still don't trust myself enough. I'm a bit too carefree and irresponsible to handle proper college life. I can't cook. I can't organize myself properly. I'm not disciplined enough. And the list goes on and on.

So I think boarding school life might do me some good, mold me into someone independent and responsible. Anyway, if I do go to KTJ, I'll only be starting in August which is a good 4 MONTHS AWAY. So I guess I'll be doing my STPM(so that my brain don't get rusty from unuse) in St. Joseph first since it starts in May. Yeah, I know it'll only be 3 months of studying the STPM syllabus but I need some intellectual pursuit to fill up my time before I go to KTJ. And it's free!(Form 6 in St. Joseph) Plus STPM syllabus is somewhat similar to A-level.


I thought I should update you guys on my SPM(big scary exam at the end of secondary school) results too since it's a rather big part of secondary school life.  So here it is..

  • Malay Language - A+
  • English Language - A+
  • Islamic Studies  - A+ (my teacher was so surprised at this! because I always get scolded in class for talking >_>)
  • History - A+
  • Mathematics - A+
  • English for Science and Technology - A+
  • Chemistry - A
  • Physics - A-
  • Additional Mathematics - A-
  • Biology - A-

People have been congratulating me on getting straight As but I'm still haunted by the A-s. I've requested for a remarking on the three subjects which I got A- for, so we'll see what happens. I'm not hoping for much, I think I deserved that A- for Additional Mathematics but I'm hoping to get an A for Physics :(