Thursday, November 5, 2015

A long overdue update

Hello!(*cue lame joke about Adele's new song*)

 It's been a few years since I've last updated, so many things have happened in my life and I'm living a life that is very much different than the life I lead when I last updated this blog. For one, I'M LIVING IN FREAKING JAPAN! Oh yes, my dream of living in Japan came true! Although I didn't expect that I'd be studying engineering in JAPANESE(in Kobe University). As a girl, not only am I a minority in an engineering course, I'm an international student(there's only like 3 international students in my entire course). So I'm basically a minority WITHIN a minority. Hey, it's not so bad really. After a few bouts of homesickness and culture shock, I've come to love Japan, a place I now consider a second home.

 Nice, fun and loving people are everywhere in this world and I'm blessed to have found some of them in my university. Life in Japan would be so depressing without my friends. And at first, the language barrier between the other Japanese students and I was frustrating but after a few months or so, things got better. And now, there are even times when I consider my conversational Japanese to be better than my English. Although because of Kanji, I still prefer to read and write in English(despite the fact that my English has considerably worsened since high school!). The other day, I actually typed up my experiment report in English. Well, my sensei have been going on and on about how Japanese universities have to be more globalized and take a more active role internationally. As English is the so-called lingua franca of the world, I thought my sensei wouldn't mind me writing in English. Although only *after* I completed my report did I remember my manners and e-mailed my sensei and asked for permission.

 I suppose all this rants must be boring for you readers. To be honest, when I started blogging, my aim was to get popular online and get money from advertisements(HAHA) but I no longer harbour such wishes(it'd be nice to get a secondary income from blogging though). Now I consider my blog as an online diary(albeit a public one). I hope in a few years, I would re-read my blog and remember the "good old times in Japan". That's one of the charms of keeping a blog - getting to read old posts and reminisce about old memories.

 I guess that's all for now. This is just a short post just to give an update on what I'm doing now(not that anyone reads this blog really, hahah). Any comments and feedbacks are very much appreciated. Feel free to ask me questions about Japan/studying Japanese/ life in Japan/ anything! :)

Signing out,

For Halloween, I dressed up as a Malay lol

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