Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not a morning person.

I'm not a morning person. I hate mornings. I get grumpy in the mornings. To be honest, I'd rather not speak with anyone in the mornings and just wallow in laziness. I dunno why I feel so sleepy today - I slept at 12 and I woke up at 9. That's 9 hours! I should be brimming with energy now!

..but I'm not. I feel lethargic. Very rarely do I wake up feeling great and ready to take on the world

                                                   Ready to take on the world! Chyah!

And I dunno what my problem is. Some people say sleeping for 8 hours is best - I've tried before. And I still felt sleepy. Some say "No, 8 hours is too long! Actually 6 hours is enough already!"  On most school days, I do sleep for 6 hours but I still go to school with panda eyes @-@

                                         One of the image results when googling 'Panda Eyes'

I actually went to a Pretty Reckless concert last year(this girl punya band) and even though I stood at the back, I could still see her eyes so clearly. Okay, maybe it's because it was a pretty small venue(Manchester Academy which only fit probably a little more than 1,000 people?). But seriously, I've never seen anyone with that much black eyeliner on them! Or is itblack eyeshadow? I think it would be tiring to use black eyeliner to create such an effect because eyeliner, as the name suggests, only create lines.

Anyway, back on topic! I'm still on the quest on finding the perfect hours of sleep for me. I actually wanted to try the Uberman's sleep. It's where you take twenty-minute naps every 4 hours. I know, sounds crazy! And at first, apparently your body will rebel against you and you'll feel terrible and horrible for the first few days. But I heard that after a while, you'll get used it and will be able to function normally. And do you know the total amount of sleep in the Uberman's sleep schedule is only 2 hours per day! Wah, can save so much time! And it is really tempting to try such an time-efficient sleep schedule.

But.. I've read that the Uberman's sleep schedule hinders your growth! How leh, I don't want to be short forever! I still have maybe a few years of growth left!(I know, in adulthood, you still grow, but the growth phase is so slow it's pretty much un-noticeable) Due to my insecurity over my height(wtf), I decided, no, I won't try the Uberman's sleep schedule thank you very much.

I *will* find the perfect amount of sleep hours for me one day. But until then, I shall continue NOT being a morning person.

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