Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where did this traffic come from?

I've been obsessively checking my blog stats every 10 minutes or so. And I get excited when I see even just ONE unique pageview! So if you're a first-timer to this blog(this blog is just 2 days old anyway so you probably are), please know that you've made my day :D

And another unique feature of the blog stat thingy that blogspot has is that they can tell you where your traffic comes from! Okay, in retrospect, all blog stat thingies have them, I'm so outdated lah hor. So anyway, I was checking out my traffic sources - I only have 3 so far - facebook(from my lovely friends visiting my blog!), some blog stat website(I also don't know why my blog is there but okay..) and some weird news website

It's a bit too small, so if you can't read says
I went to that website, and I came back confused. There's no link at all to my website there!(why would there be? I'm not into sports). So how did the guy(or girl) managed to get to my blog from that website?

I probably sound amateur and noob-ish in this blog post. But that's because I am! Can't you see my blog is only 2 days old? Okay, I've blogged before in 2008, but I don't know whether you'd count that as blogging though. During the last few moments of my old blog(before it got deleted by blogspot *sob* *sob*), all I did was post J-pop videos or any other amusing stuff. And to be quite frank, it was BORING.. for people who are not into J-pop which was most of my readers coincidentally.

And I'm still learning how to use this new blogspot. The last time I was here they didn't have any blog stats feature or anything cool like that. I had to rely on dodgy three-party functionality to track my blog stats.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I'm learning. If you find my blog lacking something like pictures or funniness(or if I have funny grammar), please leave a comment. I can take constructive criticism.

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