Wednesday, November 30, 2011




..well, okay, you can argue with me and say that I have still EST and that SPM isn't officially over for me /sadness. But really, how to study for EST? Maybe read textbook a bit lah, but they never ask directly from textbook. If you take EST, you know what I mean lah.

And speaking of EST, I owe Jasmine over 6 reports. Hehe, sorry Jasmine - I'll send some tomorrow!

But anyway.. have I mentioned? SPM 2011 IS OVER!!

To be honest, this sudden freedom feels rather odd. I feel like I should be studying and doing SPM model papers right now. Old habits die hard I guess. Did you know, they say it takes 20 days to make a habit? I've been studying like crazy(okay, maybe not crazy, but I did study pretty hard) for the past month or so.

I haven't made concrete post-SPM plans yet, but in general.. I would like to:

1. Study driving(this is a given of course)

                                          First result when you google 'super cool car'.

2. Learn Japanese,Chinese and maybe Korean if that UCSI class still have space

I have been meaning to learn Japanese for quite some time.Admittedly,my secret dream is to be in Morning Musume(okay not so secret now) but it is of course rather unlikely. I shall content myself with being just a fan *sob**sob* Although Tsunku(Morning Musume's producer), if you need any more overseas member(since Junjun and Linlin graduated), call me!!

But yeah, I'm a pretty big J-pop fan. My iPod is full of Japanese songs.. and I wish I can understand them! And I hate watching unsubtitled variety show because I don't understand anything!(well, maybe little things like 'kawaii',hahaha). And of course, learning a new language is always a plus!

Also, I'm learning Chinese because in 20 or 30 years, China would be our new overlords /hail.

3. Do volunteering work

I thought of volunteering for SSPCA but I'm scared of dogs. I've joked earlier this year with my sister that I might go and volunteer with the orang utan..Not that there's anything wrong with it. It seem fun actually. This is again one of those things where I haven't made any concrete plans yet.

4. Dye my hair

This colour seems pretty safe. It's a lot like the colour I dyed last year, but this is a bit darker.

This brown is rather nice too!               

I'm in a dilemma!! Which hair colour to choose? Or should I be brave and just bleach my hair and become a blonde wtf wtf wtf.

5. Take Grade 7 Jazz Clarinet

My last exam was Grade 5 last year, and I'm hoping hoping that my teacher would let me skip Grade 6. I promise I'll work hard, teacher! :( Yeah, I know I haven't been practising since September.. but in my defense, I was rather pre-occupied with trials and SPM :( Grade 7 would be important to me because apparently, to play in a university band, you need at least a Grade 7. And yes, I would still want to play my clarinet when I'm at university :)

6. Take Grade 5 Piano

I started my piano lesson last year(although I did learn piano for like maybe 7 months or so when I was in primary 3). I took Grade 3 this year, my teacher was happy with my results and she's letting me skip Grade 4! Heee :D :D I don't know whether I can do piano exam and clarinet exam simultaneously though. I remember the struggle I had with Grade 5 Jazz Clarinet and Grade 3 Piano exams respectively. I don't know whether I can do both at the same time lor :( Some more it's Grade 7 and Grade 5.

So, anyway, that's my post-SPM plan(sort of, it's tentative).

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  1. Oh you know you're linking me bree xDD

  2. Dip-dye! If I had the time and cash I'd really wanna continue all my music lessons :c

  3. At least you've finished grade 8 right? :D