Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nuffnang earnings

Look! I earned RM22.60 from advertising in my old blog! Not bad, considering I wrote crap.(Jeez, I dunno why I've been swearing so much, I think I've been reading too much of Xiaxue's blog). Okay lah, RM22 is not as impressive as those people who probably get a few hundreds every month. But it is rather satisfying to see yourself actually getting money from a hobby like blogging.

And if you see any ads on my blog that catches your interest, don't shy shy. Click lah! I get like 0.20 cent for every click kay! Thank you, you are contributing to my empty piggy bank, kind stranger(or kind friend if you're my friend xD)


Okay, I've read somewhere that apparently advertisements give a negative impression on readers(especially when you're unpopular like me!) So I've removed the advertisements and I'll put them back on until I at least have a sizable audience(what is sizable is debatable xD)

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