Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1

I find the romantic scenes awkward, forced and unnatural. There's just something really off about the pairing between Bella and Edward. And the thing about the movie is YOU CAN'T ESCAPE THE ROMANTIC SCENES. Seriously, almost half of the movie is about their wedding and their honeymoon! Okay lah, I don't blame the movie maker/producer/director. I blame Stephenie Meyer for the horrible horrible story.

Don't get me wrong. Twilight(the first book) was actually a nice book and I actually enjoyed reading it, it had suspense, hot guys and intrigue. It had all the makings of an entertaining novel. Granted the writing was rather fanfiction-like but the plot seemed pretty good, full of mysteries and such.

But come the second novel, oh god.. the quality just goes downhill. I find myself struggling to finish it because to be honest, it was rather boring and I remembered being annoyed at Bella because she was like "Oh, Edward!,I can't like without Edward". You know, all that whiny stuff.

Speaking of annoying Bella, there was this one scene that really irked me. It was the morning-after-consummation scene...

Edward : I'm sorry I hurt you last night(I'm paraphrasing the whole thing)
*scene shots of Bella's bruises which looks horrible*
Bella : No, don't say you're sorry!
Edward: But I really am sorry.
Bella: Don't be, that was the best night of my life

..WHAT? Bella's just gonna let Edward go off without so much of an accepted apology for hurting her? Does she have no respect for herself? Is she just gonna let Edward physically hurt her like that? WTF Bella =_=

There were so many other awkward scenes in this movie but I'm not going to list them all. I don't wanna come off as a spiteful meanie after all :)

But if you ask me, DON'T WATCH THIS! The 2nd part that's coming out tomorrow next year(wtf, i wrote tomorrow, i must be more sleepy than i thought) maybe lah, I'm curious to see how the action scenes go.

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