Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ue Kara Mariko!

Congratulations AKB48 for another amazing first week sales!

AKB48's 24th single Ue Kara Mariko managed to sell 1,198,864 copies in its first week.Yeap, another one-million seller single for AKB48! With Ue Kara Mariko, AKB48 is now the FIRST female artist in Japan to achieve SIX million seller singles. Ue Kara Mariko is also their 11th #1, tying them with Morning Musume who so far has 11 #1 singles too.

The fact that a janken single managed to sell one million is amazing. For those not in the know, AKB48 has a janken single every year where the senbatsu members(members that are chosen to sing in the A-side) is determined by a Jankenpyon tournament or as we know it, a rock-and-scissor tournament.

A janken single gives a chance for the unpopular members and the trainees even to be on the A-side. And for this single, there was an absence of the front girls such as Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko. So some people were worried that this single won't even reach the one million mark like the last janken single, Chance no Junban.

But those fears were proved wrong as AKB48 PWNED the singles chart like a boss this week. In fact, Ue Kara Mariko is the 5th single with the highest first week EVER in Japan.

1. AKB48 "Flying Get" (24/08/2011) - 1.35 million
2. AKB48 "Everyday, Kachuusha" (25/05/2011) - 1.33 million
3. AKB48 "Kaze wa Fuiteiru" (26/10/2011) - 1.30 million
4. Mr. Children "Naominaki Uta" (5/02/1996) - 1.20 million
5. AKB48 "Ue Kara Mariko" (7/12/2011) - 1.19 million

As you have noticed, the list has been pretty much dominated by AKB48. I can't wait for their next single, I'm rather curious to see if their success will continue spiraling to the top or if the cyclic nature of life would loom on them and their sales drop.


P.S: I did my part too... :P

                                             *had to censor out my street address*

I wanted the Type A version but it was already sold out in HMV Japan so instead I bought the Type B version. And yeah, I only bought ONE COPY but I did contribute to AKB48 selling 1.19 million copies however minute my contribution may be :P

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